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Find your nearest public play park, museum, swimming pool and library - Get out and explore!

Kanna Spots

Kanna has hand picked 30,000 locations not available on any other map or app.

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Round up your friends from FaceBook. Lets All Go!

Kanna makes it easy to find things to do
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Kanna makes it easy to find something great to do within walking or driving distance of where you are. Kanna Explore is the only UK wide app that provides parents and carers of young children 30,000 public play areas, parks, museums, swimming pools and libraries. Kanna Explore lets you find amazing places just around the corner from you all in one app. You’ll wonder how you’ve ever missed them. It’s okay to wait ’til the last minute to plan, turn off the TV, round up your friends and family, and head out on an adventure

See the world, one spot at a time

FInding things to do and places to visit has never been more intuative or easy.

Find what's on your doorstep

Kanna lets you find amazing places just around the corner from you. You'll wonder how you missed them.

Rated, by people you trust

Rate every spot, leave tips for your friends. Become part of your local community.

Get social

Fun is better when it's shared, so Kanna your friends and visit those places you've never been. Kanna Lets Go!

Kanna is a unique design

Handcrafted Interface

Kanna has a uniquely designed interface for easily finding what's around the corner from you.

Smart Design

We've spent hours crafting the Kanna experience for you - giving you what you need, and not the things you don't..

iOS and Android versions

Get iOS and Androis version from the App store. We'll update the Kanna experience all the time so you'll always have unique places to visit..

Working for everyone

We've worked hard to make sure all OS versions are supported. Everyone should be able to enjoy a day out with Kanna.

Kanna has hand picked 1000's of individual spots that are not available on any other map. Kanna Lets Go!


We're constantly adding Kanna spots for you to visit and explore.
Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clifton Bridge

Bristol Balloon Festival
Pulteney Bridge

Pulteney Bridge

Only one of its in kind in UK
Light Interface

Stone Henge

Awe inspiring
Interactions Map

Lake District

So beautiful

Why We Built
Kanna Explore

A Little story of an App...

With Kanna, our idea was a simple one. "Why can't we find all public parks in one map?, 'cause, you know... we've never been here and the kids need to go out and PLAY!!".

From that very simple notion, more questions grew - what if we did something that brings our friends together? What's around the corner? Where can I go within 10 minutes of walking, cycling or driving? What if you could give other people tips about places..

So we did something about it.

We then included all the swimming pools, libraries and green spaces in the UK. And more. Thats when it started coming together...

Download Kanna

Wherever you go, Kanna makes it easier to explore and discover places that make your day
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Great Features

Exploring. Sharing. Enjoying

Ever been to a new place, and missed those little gems? Ever been on holiday and wished you knew where the nearest park was to take the kids? Don't worry - we've got it covered.


You'll love what we have for you.
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Parks and Open Areas

We're putting together the most comprehensive list of Parks ever known to the UK.



Every playground is being put on the map. It's never been done before, but we've got it covered.


Swimming and Leisure

If it's raining, find indoor activities to suit everyone.

Tap-Tap Time


Fancy some quiet time? All the libraries you could hope to visit in one lifetime..


Wildlife and Nature

FInd the best places to experience the magic of our amazing country, and the animals we share it with.



Sometimes you've just got to burn of some energy, find local sports pitches and get involved.


Swimming Pools




Parks in the UK